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I Am African...

I Am African: African Face, American Voice

I am African.

African is what you see until you approach me.

You realize my voice isn?t what you expected and quickly I get rejected.

I am African.

I fight to prove who I am but it?s never enough when the accent still stands.

What do you want me to do, change my voice to prove my point?

No I am African!

I will not conform so I can fulfill your social norm.

Your boundaries were made until you met me.

I showed you being African goes beyond? Yes overseas.

Really, I am African.

Here I have an objective and that?s to change your perspective.

To create a new direction, something like a reflection

So you can see that there is more to Africa than its natural boundaries.

Then you will see that I am African.

History shows forced deportation or volunteer migration dispersed the people of Africa.

But you say I?m not African?

My final plea is to tell you I am African not because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.

Yes I am African!

By Chinwe Oriji


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great blog, i love this. keep it up!!

Nice article

Well articulated article Chinwe Oriji.

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