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Eat Your Heart Out (EYHO) FoodJam!



Last week, the Service-Learners had the most delicious opportunity ever cooked up to Foodjam at Jade de Waal’s fabulous house. For those of you who don’t know Jade, meet her. She is currently a contestant on South Africa’s Master Chef, and if our experience at her house is any indication, I think she will do quite well in the competition!

 We were set to work quickly, chopping veggies to put on our pizzas that we made in her outdoor pizza oven.



Afterwards, we spent some time outside under the beautiful lights.


 Then moved inside to begin our real cooking assignments… which included a South African dish called Bunny Chow, sweet potato fritters, snoke, homemade pasta, and my favorite, miniature dulce de leche cheesecakes.


   Crazy! Needless to say, things got a little messy in the kitchen. But what better way to learn about a love of food than through experience? All in all, we learned, ate, made new friends, and had a beautiful night.



By Guest Blogger

Rebecca Reed- Vanderbilt University


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