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Reflective Friday

This week marked the 5th week of service for my Service-Learning students and this is also the week I chose to start with project visits, just to see how things were going at their respective community sites. I sent an email to all the partners outlining what I wanted to talk to them about, but very high on my agenda was Positive Stories that came from their organisations, inclusive and exclusive from CIEE's involvement. I was so overwhelmed by the responses I have received, that I have decided to share these with you every Monday for the next few weeks. I will call these updates Motivation Mondays and I hope it does just that, motivates you for the week! Our students are making a difference, but the communities are also taking the initiative to employ changes in their own respective communities! This inspires me!

I have  also been speaking to my students about their Capstone Reports and ideas that they have for the communities that they are engaging. They too inspire me. And to give you a sense of their excitement and commitment, I have attached this youtube video clip on an organisation called Yabonga. Our students go to the different Yabonga sites and all they tell me about their projects is how happy the children there are and how everyone is always singing and dancing. Enjoy and share the link. We want everyone to hear and see what happens here in Cape Town!




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